The international project “Training center” PATRIOT “is a team of military specialists from Ukraine, Georgia, Israel and the United States, who combined their energy, knowledge and experience to help Ukraine build a truly effective system of state security and defense.

During the year of work in the ATO zone, we managed to train about 2,000 fighters of various units, including 79 oambras, 129 ORBs, 74 ORBs, 24 OMBRs, 93 OGMBRs of the Armed Forces of Ukraine, the Poltava battalion and the Severodonetsk special subordinate subordinate to the Ministry of Internal Affairs, As well as territorial defense battalions.

The fighters who were trained at the PATRIOT training center note that the skills they received allow them to minimize personnel losses. In particular, 93 servicemen of a separate guards mechanized brigade of the Armed Forces (“Cyborgs”) highly appreciated the benefits of the knowledge gained in the PATRIOT preparatory center in carrying out complex combat operations.

In addition, the experts of the International Project “PATRIOT Training Center” joined the Reform Committee of the MOU and the APU as members of subcommittees. Sphere of interests: reforming the structure of the Ministry of Defense of Ukraine and the General Staff of the Armed Forces.

Our goal is a strong Ukraine, with which it will be impossible to talk from a position of strength. For this you need:

– Reform the existing defense structure of the country; – To create an opportunity to develop combat skills of the APU personnel; – To increase qualification – Create conditions for everyone – Among the civilian population, the number of active, strong and young generation is overwhelming.

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