Giorgi Kalandadze

Brigadier-General in retirement, ex-head of the Joint Staff of the Armed Forces of Georgia (2012). He graduated from the Military Academy in Georgia, the school of rangers in the United States, the headquarters command school in Estonia, was trained in Fort Bening (USA).

An experience:

  • battalion commander;
  • brigade commander;
  • commander of the Ground Forces of the Armed Forces of Georgia;
  • advisor to the headquarters of the ATO;
  • advisor to the Commander of the National Guard of Ukraine.

He participated in peacekeeping missions in Iraq and Afghanistan. Member of the Russian-Georgian War of 2008 (commander of the 4th Infantry Brigade). Member of the ATO. As commander of the Ground Forces, and later as the Joint Staff of the Georgian Armed Forces, he took part in the reform of the army, the creation of a military industry, the formation of a new education system for the armed forces of Georgia and, in general, the modernization of the Georgian army after the war.

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