Merab Kikabidze

Colonel in retirement, ex-deputy chief of the Joint Staff of the Armed Forces of Georgia. He completed a training course for gendarmerie officers in Turkey and a number of international military training programs (ASTIF, BSTIF, etc.).

An experience:

  • battalion commander;
  • brigade commander;
  • head of the Border Guard Service of Georgia;
  • representative of Georgia at the headquarters of the coalition forces (peacekeeping missions in Serbia and Afghanistan);
  • the head of the Georgian representation in the US Central Command (USCentCom) in 2012-2013;
  • participant in the Russian-Georgian war of 2008 (commander of the battalion), participant of the ATO zone.

While in the position of deputy chief of the Georgian army, he headed the reform of the military reserve system (the program “Protect Your Home”), as well as the reform of the border guard service of the Georgian Interior Ministry.

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