Revaz Charbadze

Head of the international direction of the project “Training center” PATRIOT “.

An experience:

  • deputy Head of the Department of Internal Affairs of the Ministry of Justice of Georgia (2005-2008);
  • head of the Staff of the Minister of Defense of Georgia (2008-2010);
  • the first head of the state defense concern “DELTA” (Georgia, turnover of about $ 500,000,000 per year, the number of employees is about 6,000).

Heading “DELTA”, was able to “from scratch” to establish a serial production and export of 15 types of weapons (including armored vehicles and military UAV). He directed large-scale projects financed by the US Department of State and the UN: “Utilization and destruction of outdated artillery and aviation bombshells and rockets” and “Utilization and destruction of potentially dangerous aviation bombshells”.

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